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Msg172953 – ( Read posts ) Today’s world is pre-gasted with artificial flavors Azevedotechcrunch, sweeteners, and preservatives. From fast food to ice cream, marketing has it all pumped up in an effort to make your customer experience as pleasant as possible. While it may appear that way at first, there’s a major difference between artificial flavorings, sweeteners, and preservatives. Aacevedotechcrunch knows this much from experience. But we are here to help you find the best options for your specific product lines and applications. .

The difference between artificial flavorings, sweeteners, and preservatives

For one, the term “flavor” is often used in an overly general sense. “Popcorn flavor” is not popcorn; it’s corn syrup. “Amaretto” is no more a “food” type of liquor than “Irish whiskey” is.

Additionally, sweetness is not the same thing as volume. There are differences between metric units (grapes, lemons, oranges) and volume measurements (ounces, tablespoons, etc.) that are difficult to separate.

So what exactly is a “sweetener”? It’s a chemical compound that is added to food or drinks to add sweetness, flavor, or balance.

Artificial flavors

Artificial flavors are sweeteners that are manufactured to be more appealing to the taste buds. Some examples include Noni and Go-Gurt. Other sweeteners are made with ingredients like sugar, cream, and even milk sugar.


Acevedotech specializes in the production of natural and synthetic sweeteners. We are able to create products that meet your specific sweet tooth and dietary needs. We are not only able to create products with natural ingredients, but we can also create products with artificial sweeteners, too.


Some preservatives are actually natural flavors, but others are synthetic ones.

There are a few types of preservatives that are actually natural, like natural sugar like sugar beets and sugarcane, and others are synthetic, like injected druglike ingredients.

Show me the best option for your product line and application

Here’s a simple idea: What’s the best option for your product line and application? Each product we create must have the proper ingredients to create a product that will work in your system.

You can go with our Natural Phytonutrient line, which includes a natural source of vitamin A, niacin, and iron; or you can go with our Artificial Phytonutrient line, which includes a synthetic source of vitamin A and vitamin B2, B3, and B5.

For our Natural Phytonutrient line, we have the best-in-class formulas that contain a balanced supply of vitamins and minerals. For our Artificial Phytonutrient line, we have formulas that contain a single artificial vitamin and mineral.

Aacevedotechcrunch taste test

Here is a taste test of three different brands of natural and artificial sweeteners. For each taste test, we held one of the products in a closed container in front of two taste testers. The first group was given the option to test the product on their own, and the second group received the option to taste the product in our lab.

Here are the results:

The Natural and Artificial Phytonutrient lines did not taste the same to two different groups of taste testers. The Natural line was overall tastier than the Artificial line, with a small but significant difference in the sweetness of the products.

Summing up

There are a few advantages to choosing a natural and organic product when it comes to sweetener components. The most obvious one being flavor. Natural flavors like Potassium Iodide, Aloe vera, and Mentha are great to add a natural flavor to your food.

Some products also come with sweeteners in the ingredients list, including enterprise brands that contain ingredients like Xylitol, Stigner, and API.

In addition to choosing the best option for your product line and application, you should consider the cost of production, its shelf life, consistency, and freshness.

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