8 Statistics Showing Why Facebook is the Top Social Media Platform of 2023

MySpace was the social media platform that dominated the late 1990s to early 2000s. Then, along came Facebook in 2004.

By 2008, Facebook topped MySpace and became known as the most popular social media platform. Fast forward to the present day, Facebook continues to be the top social media platform of 2023. Here, we highlight eight statistics showing why!

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1. About Two Billion People Use Facebook Daily

According to the United States Census Bureau, as of January 1, 2023, there are about 7.9 billion worldwide. Since two billion people frequently browse the social media giant daily, this means that about 25% of the world is connected.

The World Population Review states that about 240 million Americans utilize Facebook. The Census Bureau also reported that as of the New Year 2023, there are a little more than 334 million Americans. Hence, close to 72% of the American population has a Facebook account.

2. 85% of People With a Smartphone Have the Facebook App

The Facebook app makes it easier to browse the social media platform no matter where you are. Increasing accessibility to smartphone users has helped people to stay connected with family, friends, and community groups throughout the day.

3. Videos Enhance Post Interaction

Followers, friends, and family are more willing to engage in post-interaction if a video is involved. The presence of a video can boost post-interaction by as much as a whopping 600%. Hence, the ever-growing popularity of Facebook reels has helped users to be more engaged with content from their favorite creators or when viewing life updates from family and friends.

4. Facebook Has 80 Million Business Pages

Business owners are flocking to Facebook to develop their business profiles and enhance client outreach. Many users get their first perception of a business they never heard of by reading their Facebook posts and customer reviews. You never know what type of clients you can reach thanks to a Facebook business account.

5. Facebook Has the Best Live Video Engagement Statistics

Facebook live videos receive a 26% engagement, which is higher than engagement statistics for other popular social media platforms. Connecting via live video is a great way to interact with followers in real-time that are willing to log on when you are online to talk virtually face-to-face about your page’s topic.

6. About 61% Of Users Aged 16 and Up Like Facebook for Short Videos

To be exact, 60.8% of Facebook users aged 16 and above would rather watch short videos on Facebook rather than TikTok. This is a big reason that Facebook reels have maintained popularity since its introduction in America in September 2021.

7. Facebook Users Like Four Million Likes Every 60 Seconds

Whether it’s a text post or a reel, about four million likes occur on Facebook every minute of the day. Likes are the types of interactions that Facebook users can display to show how they feel about a post. The likes can also be designated as loves, hahas, angry faces, and sad faces.

8. About 35 Million Facebook Users Update Their Status Every 60 Seconds

Some people are tied to their Facebook accounts as a source of information and entertainment regularly throughout the day. Hence, this would explain why about 35 million users are adding new statuses to their pages every minute of the day.

Do You Use Facebook?

Maybe you have a Facebook account already. If not, make one today and see how fun and useful the platform is to connect with new businesses, meet new people, and stay connected with family and friends.

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