Belize Land For Sale By Owner

There are a variety of Belize properties for sale by owner. From oceanfront land to unspoiled jungle property, there is a lot of choice. These properties offer the perfect combination of a quiet lifestyle, fresh air, and wide open spaces.

For those looking for an investment, Belize properties are a great way to gain a profit. The country has a large number of incentives to attract new buyers. It is a relatively low-cost country, and many homes and villas are priced under $100,000.

Located on a quiet road near the Capital City of Belmopan, this property offers a unique opportunity for development. Two untouched creeks run through the property, providing clean potable water year-round. A wooded cabin is on the property and it is equipped with all utilities.

This property is located in the western part of Belize, known as the Baldy Beacon region. It is within easy reach of San Ignacio, Santa Elena, and the capital city.

This property is located on Young Gial Road, which borders the Belize River on the east. Several private access roads lead to the property.

This property features a 20-acre waterfall, a crystalline stream, and a fruit orchard. It is a great place for a vacation home or year-round residence. And, it is within 30 minutes of the Belize capital city.

Located on the New River in Northern Belize, this 134-acre island has a unique setting. It is buffered by the river on all sides, and is en route to the Lamanai Maya temple.

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