Black Tea Types Available at Tea Shops Near Me in California

How popular is tea in 2023? Well, it’s pretty popular. After water, it’s the second most drunk beverage on the planet, with black tea being the most popular of them all. As someone new to the world of tea, I took it upon myself to visit some tea shops near me to investigate black tea and all the different varieties it comes in – and there are many. 

You see, black tea as a term that covers a multitude of black tea types, each with its own distinctive tastes and aromas. So if, like me, you’re interested to find out more about this timeless tipple, keep reading to learn about some of the great blends I found. 

The First Black Tea Blend I Saw in Tea Shops Near Me 

Initially, the first black tea blend I came across when investigating tea establishments in my locality was Chinese black tea which comes from the Camellia Sinensis genus of the tea plant. It’s a plant that copes better in colder climates than other types, and where a tea plant grows has a lot to do with how it tastes. 

Due to being grown in the southern parts of China, Chinese black tea tends to have a deep, earthy flavor that’s nice and subtle. The processing methods used have an effect on the flavor, especially as much of the tea that is processed there is done by hand.

Assamese Black Teas Love Tropical Climates

Another great black tea I saw in tea shops near me was Assamese black tea, which thrives in tropical climates rather than colder ones. Assamese tea gets its name from the region of India it’s grown in. Again, because of where it’s grown and how it’s grown, it’s going to have a different taste from its Chinese cousin. So, what is the change in taste like?

After brewing a cup, you’ll find that it offers a rich, deep, full-bodied taste that blends both spicy and earthy notes. It’s also a little bitter, which is why many choose to sweeten it with honey or sugar. 

What Does It Taste Like? Assam tea has a deep, rich, full-bodied flavor with malty, earthy, and spicy notes. It’s moderately bitter and astringent, both of which will vary based on how long the tea is steeped.20

How You Brew Your Black Tea Matters Too

Something else that tea novices might not be aware of is that the way the tea is brewed can also have a big impact on the flavors it offers once boiled. As such, the length of time the tea is stepped and the amount of water it’s steeped in can affect which flavor notes come through most prominently. 

Also, the temperature of the water used can affect whether the beverage you get is astringent or bitter. Of course, it’s all about how you like it, so brew it in line with your own personal taste. 

Try Some of The Gems Hidden in Tea Shops Near Me & You

Honestly, I was quite surprised that black tea wasn’t just black tea, period. The fact that there are multiple blends just of black tea tells you a lot about how many options there are for you to try. 

Moving away from black tea, there are hundreds of different types to try and some real gems hidden in your local tea shop. So, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not add a little black tea to your routine?

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