Drawing Curtain Bangs of Your Favourite Anime Character Is Now Easy

If you are someone who loves to draw anime character or you are in the field where it is necessary to draw the anime character for your next comic short film or book, you will need to be professional first in this field. Drawing the manga hair and their bangs is not easy as you have thought.

Anime hair is often based on the real hairstyles but they are needed to be drawn on the clumps instead of the individual strands. One of the good reasons to draw in clumps because here you are drawing multiple figures and investing time on the single character will certainly takes lots of time. A good approach to draw the anime character hair is to make several parts like the front, back, top and sides and then start drawing. For drawing the characters depending upon the anime nature, you need to follow this guide as well.

Talking about the bangs of the anime characters, there are many that needs to be considered like the blunt, curtain, long, bikin and anime. Each one of them has their own set of features, styles and process. You need to be expert in all of them to make the best anime hair as you are looking for.

What are the different styles for bangs and hair drawing for anime?

When you are looking for ways how to draw the bangs, here are some of the tools that you need to know-

  1. The H pencil which is best for making the guidelines and outlining of the bang
  2. The HB pencil for adding details and soft shade the sketch
  3. The 4B pencil for shading
  4. The kneaded eraser for erasing the shapes that you are not happy to make
  5. The lightly textured sketch paper for drawing rough that easily allow you erasing all the mistakes

These are some of the guidelines that you can follow to keep in hand all the essentials needed for making the bangs of the anime characters.

How you can draw the curtain bangs easily

One of the most popular types of bangs is the curtain bangs. At first, you need to make the outline. Here, the recommended tool is the H pencil. Curtain bangs can be available in all sizes, but here you will learn to draw the medium length of curtain bangs that will softly fall on the face. For doing so, the best hair to make the curtain bangs is the short hairstyle just below the ears and also bangs will be made on the same length. To draw this type of bangs, you need to draw the soft sketch of “M” with the peak in middle of forehead. Next, you need to make two curved lines at the top of head and to make the area where the bangs have just started. You will then to start from the middle of head and then connect the lines to both sides of woman’s face to form the heart-like shape.

Then, you will need to add lines and follow the “M” shape which will help you for adding volume and texture to the bangs. Start from the roots and then bring the side lines down to the face.

To finish with the drawing, you can use the 4B and HB pencils and combine the different shades of grey to outline the bangs with dark lines and then light grey for rest.

Hopefully you know how to make the curtain bangs. There are other varieties available too. Make sure to know the right process before drawing.

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