How PAJ GPS Trackers Are Revolutionizing Personal Security

PAJ GPS, an established European company looking to break into the UK market with their product Power Finder 4G, comes in an elegant leather-look box complete with everything needed – tracker, charger (cable and EU adapter), SIM card installed and instructions.

The PAJ tracker can be easily attached to any metal surface of your transport, valuables or pets to safeguard them against theft or loss. With real time tracking available in 100+ countries and 100 days’ data stored for you. GPS trackers for car are small, discreet devices that can be easily installed in a vehicle to provide real-time location information and other data.

1. Tracking

No matter if it’s tracking kids, pets, valuable cargo or even your car – PAJ GPS tracking devices provide easy solutions. With features like live tracking, virtual safety zones and alert settings – not to mention working without the need for SIM cards! – these tracking devices make life much simpler.

We evaluated the Easy Finder 4G PAJ tracker, and found its setup to be extremely straightforward, with clear instructions in both its app and web portal (Finder Portal). Furthermore, this nifty device comes complete with its own carry case and lanyard so you can wear or attach it directly to children, pets or luggage as needed.

The Easy Finder 4G tracks locations via satellites, sending data directly to an app on your smartphone. You can use this device at any time to check its location or retrieve a history of routes you have tracked for up to 365 days; making this feature especially handy if you have expensive equipment to track or your vehicle has been stolen.

2. Alerts

No matter your vehicle is being stolen or you just want to keep an eye on their driving habits, the PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G allows you to monitor its location from any smartphone. Equipped with a SIM card that provides live tracking in over 100 countries as well as a user-friendly mobile app and storage capacity for 365 days worth of routes – monitoring can never be more simple or efficient!

GPS Accuracy trackers come equipped with built-in sensors that will alert you if vibration or any significant positional changes are detected, sending alerts directly to your smartphone as soon as it occurs. Furthermore, geofences can also be created so as to alert if vehicles stray outside a specified perimeter.

Your alerts can be managed easily from both the FINDER portal and mobile app, with intuitive, easy-to-use controls for each alert available in both languages. Installing the device couldn’t be simpler: all it requires is plugging it in, linking your account, and plugging out again! Your device even comes complete with charger and carry case as well as multilingual user manual for ease.

3. Alarms

PAJ offers a selection of trackers designed to keep luggage or more serious objects such as cars from getting lost – their Power Finder 4G was made specifically to track cars but can also be used with luggage, children and pets. When activated it will send its location directly to its app when moving – otherwise it will enter standby mode to conserve battery power before being activated again whenever required.

This device comes equipped with various alarms such as vibration sensor, speeding alert and SOS button that can be activated via the app. There’s also the option of creating virtual security zones (geofences), which will notify you if anyone leaves one of your designated areas.

The device is powered by a 5000 mAh battery and can last for up to 40 days with 1 hour of active tracking every day. Additionally, its magnetic base allows it to attach securely to metal surfaces found on vehicles or valuables.

4. Remote Control

PAJ GPS trackers provide an invaluable way of keeping your car, children or cargo secure while tracking valuable assets like pets or bicycles, boats or motorcycles.

These GPS trackers use global positioning technology to pinpoint their locations, making it possible to track them via an app on your smartphone. Depending on which model of GPS tracker you select, some may even offer alerts and set virtual safety zones.

Some GPS trackers feature motion-activation to save on battery life and transmission costs when in storage or when the asset being tracked stops moving. This feature allows users to receive updates about their asset or loved one only when movement commences.

Others are always on and active, ensuring they can be tracked at all times. Some even come equipped with an SOS button so help can be reached quickly in remote locations where cell phone coverage may be limited. Many GPS trackers even support international usage so you can track them anywhere in the world!

5. Safety

PAJ GPS Trackers are designed to give their users peace of mind. Their applications range from monitoring your children, pet or even vehicle theft. In addition, PAJ Trackers offer an excellent way to keep an eye on teenager driving habits and ensure they remain safe when going out with friends in their vehicle.

One of the features I find particularly useful is geofencing. You can set a virtual boundary around any area and receive alerts whenever your vehicle enters or leaves this zone, making this particularly helpful for parents wanting to ensure their kids drive safely or businesses that must protect expensive equipment.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with this device and its ease of use. It comes equipped with a charger, small carry case with lanyard, as well as an instruction manual to get you up and running quickly. There is an additional monthly service fee to connect to the Finder Portal but that can be cancelled month-by-month should it no longer meet your needs; nonetheless I consider the monthly subscription reasonable given its functionality.

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