How to Avoid Pitfalls When Buying Games in 2023

There are things you don’t know about the gaming universe whether you’re new to it or not. Before you pick something to play, it is important to know the precautions to avoid falling into pitfalls when buying all those games produced in significant numbers every year.

In the past it was necessary to invest a good deal of money in a game console, but not anymore. Also, today, as internet access gets faster and more reliable with each year, you’re just one click away from playing an online game via your laptop, smartphone or desktop.

Whoever plays a lot, knows that it is essential to choose where to invest the money when purchasing a game – there’s a lot of options to consider. With the growth of consumption in this market, the games themselves tend to get less reliable in terms of experience they provide, which can lead players to time and money loss. An outcome like this should be avoided. After all, games were invented to make life better.

The growth of the gaming market

This area has been on the rise since its birth as the young audiences provide some serious momentum for it. With its growth and the democratization of access to this universe, the gaming market remains hot in the USA, China, EU, Japan, and any other region of the World, basically. The COVID-19 pandemic only gave it yet another push.

In 2022 alone, the gaming sector generated $97.67 billion in the USA alone, which means it cooled down somewhat, yet the number is projected to grow to $106.82 billion by the end of this year.

Tips for the new gamers

Whether for fun or hobby, you’ve probably played online in your spare time. Behind these games, there are immersive experiences that lead the consumer to invest impressive sums into the industry.

Research before buying

There are so many game options that it may even be difficult to choose at the time of purchase. Therefore, the best option is always to research. If you are going to invest money in the purchase of the game, research all the information before purchase, from the indicative rating, the contents of the games, and the quality of the content, in addition to seeking opinions from those who have already purchased. The more information, the better! That way, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed with the game you buy.

Be wary of microtransactions

One of the practices that deserves attention is that of microtransactions – the purchase of themed items, personalized content or exclusive features, enabled to further enhance your gaming experience.

Generally, this type of transaction involves additional costs. Therefore, it is essential that these costs are clear at the time of purchase. That is, before registering your credit card in an online game, find out if you are paying only for the game itself in its observable value, or if there are also microtransactions in the charge.

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In case some microtransactions are indeed present, figure out if it is clear what exact features you are buying. What item will be made available in that purchase? This approach ultimately helps you avoid surprises in card payments.

Refund policy, warranty periods and support

Today, games are available in online stores or app stores of game distribution platforms. Before finalizing any purchase,you really should check if the store provides contact channels for support, as well as clear information about warranty periods, and refund policy. After all, if something goes wrong during the installation of the game, you can count on the platform’s support.


Gaming industry is still in pretty good shape financially. So is the lineup of new games presented for you to shoes from. Yet in recent years, the quality of the product is worsening. High-budget video games go from one serious issue to another. This problem affects both PC and console versions, so to enjoy the games you purchase, keep your gaming devices in good condition and always contact professionals like the Good Zone team for troubleshooting.

Developers announce a new game, support the excitement with trailers and promotional materials, at the end of which they persistently offer to pre-order. And on the release day gamers get a piece of unoptimized program code instead of the advertised exciting blockbuster. All of this means you really should research games and collect opinions before investing your money and time. If you do that mindfully, you’ll be able to get what you wanted: fun, entertainment and the game that goes on!

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