How to Start a Record Shop

Whether you’re looking to build a niche record shop or open a thriving chain, there are a few things you need to consider. The most obvious is your location. You need to find a spot that is close to people who like music.

Another good reason to locate in a hip area is that you’ll be able to attract local bands who want to play in your store. And of course, you’ll have more opportunities for advertising.

Another great way to boost your business is to participate in events relating to your industry. For example, you could host a record signing to sell signed albums from your favorite artists.

To really make the most of these opportunities, you need to know who your customers are. So, you need to get in touch with your local record labels. This will help you understand what records they are selling and what you should be promoting.

In addition, you’ll need to build your inventory. Make sure to stock the best and latest releases from your chosen labels. Depending on the type of record shop you plan to open, you may need a staff with a lot of knowledge about the genre.

There’s plenty of competition on the high street. Luckily, the internet has also provided a shield for retailers.

One way to stand out from the crowd is to use shop fittings and window displays to create a unique, welcoming atmosphere. A bright and constantly changing display is a good way to get passersby interested.

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