How Truck Accident Claims are Handled in Connecticut?

Every automobile accident is dangerous, but those involving trucks and heavy vehicles are extremely serious. The severity of injuries experienced and damage suffered by the victim is much greater in such accidents. Unfortunately, in some cases, the lives of victims change entirely after being in an accident involving trucks.

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Going ahead with a truck accident claim

Indeed, the situation is overwhelming for anyone after being involved in a truck accident. Also, the physical, emotional and financial condition can be concerning. However, you have to be strong. The negligent party needs to pay up, and if they don’t offer reasonable compensation, you must go ahead and file a lawsuit.  

What to expect after the accident?

After the accident, you will need medical attention. Call 911, report the accident and inform them about your injuries. If possible, try to click pictures of the accident site and the vehicles of the parties involved. This part will seem challenging, but this evidence will strengthen your claim. 

If there are any witnesses around, take their contact info. It will be helpful if you can video record your thoughts and situation. Soon, the police will arrive at the accident site and start taking your statement. 

Talk to a truck accident lawyer

Once your medical examination is completed and a police report is filed, next you must consult an experienced Connecticut truck accident lawyer. Someone who has presented truck accident victims will understand your case better. Besides, the only objective of these lawyers is their client receives fair compensation. 

As soon as you hire a lawyer, they will start working on establishing your case and collect additional evidence and witnesses. You will have to give them access to your medical reports. They might even ask you to take an independent medical examination if needed. This report will help prove your injuries and support your claim. 

Finally, your Connecticut truck accident attorney will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. If the negligent party’s insurer doesn’t make a practical offer, your lawyer might take the case to court. 

Lastly, remember, how a truck accident case is resolved depends on many factors, but having a competent and well-versed attorney by your side is inevitable.    

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