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You’ve probably heard of the famous Alaskan southpaw, Wolverine. For many people, their unique style of delivery and hand-eye coordination make him the perfect choice for any job opportunity. But how exactly do you get your Lone Ranger home (and on the job)? It’s not as easy as that. In order to get your newbie Alaskan southpaw on the job, you need a resourceful strategy. There are several ways to get him there, and your best bet is to learn how. The first step is to understand exactly what it means to be a lefthanded person – and then work towards implementing effective strategies that match your skillset.

Get the basics of workplace behavior.

In order to get your newbie on the job, you need to know exactly what it means to be a lefthanded person. This can be difficult, as most people don’t use the word ‘lefthanded’ in their everyday language. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources online that can help you get the ball rolling. The first step is to understand how lefthanded people operate. You can start with the hijinks at Disneyland (1941) and go much deeper with the bonding and communication that occurs behind the Mickey Mouse mask. Understanding your own interests and the world around you will help you navigate this transition with more grace and ease. Another crucial step is to adopt the workplace culture. It’s the first step to getting your newbie on the job. You need to know what you must say to get your new employee to warm up to you, and then sit down and do what you were hired to do. You also need to make eye contact when you tell your newbie to do something. This can be challenging, as you don’t want to look like you’re looking at him for a daggers glance. But once you get it flowing, there’s no going back. It’s also important to remember that your newbie is only as strong as his weakest link. You need to be very deliberate in your approach and don’t just start giving orders in your sleep. You need to ask your team for help, but don’t take it from them. They need to take it from you. Once your newbie catches on, you’ll need to reinforce the positive vibes that your team gives you. This should help your newbie feel more comfortable in his new howitstart.

Explain to your team that you’re the boss.

This might seem like a strange thing to say to a new employee, but trust us, it’s the right thing to do. When you’re a manager, you need to explain everything to the team. This is especially important when they’re first coming on board. You need to show them what you’re made of, and then let them make the next step. This can be a challenge, since you don’t want to walk into a meeting with the group in total shock and silence. But once you get the group-membersing process going, it’s very difficult to stop. It’s their job to make an impact, and they need to feel included. You can help that happen by reinforcing the positive vibes that your team gives you. This should help your team feel more comfortable talking to you, and you should feel like you’re one of the few people in the room who understands what they’re doing. Once your team feels comfortable with you, you can start developing your skills and giving them the information they need to do their jobs.

Teach them how to do their job.

It’s smart to spend time teaching your newbie the ins and outs of your job. Even if you can’t do all of the things that you do on the job (like getting the word out to the right audience), showing them what you’ve been Made For and what you do with a smile on your face will help even more. Your job is to make the work process as seamless and seamless as possible for your team. You need to make time for meetings, lunch breaks, and quick breaks for team-building activities. You also need to make an effort to get your newbie on the phone a minimum of four times a week. This shouldn’t be an impossible feat, but it does require some planning and anticipatory steps. When your newbie gets the hang of things, you can also start teaching him how to type. This is important, because there’s no way around it – you’re going to need all of your skills to keep up with the site-to-site communication that occurs on the job.

Shave your head, because that’s where the afro comes in.

It may seem like a drastic step to take, but your new client (or prospective client) will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Afro shaving is a natural and easy way to add that extra oomph to your voice. Let your hair grow long so that you have room for the Afro, and then liven it up with an exterior-only headpiece if you’re feeling extra fancy.

Lay a path for your new ass southpaw.

It’s important that you don’t just stop at ‘shaving your head’. Shaving your head is a natural and accepted part of getting ready to work, but your newbie needs to do something different. If you’re at a work function or out in the field and someone inclemently weathers or changes your hair, it’s a dead giveaway that you don’t want them in your presence. Apply that logic to the way that you handle your newbie. If he accidentally steps on your foot while you’re getting ready to leave, don’t take it as a sign that he’s ‘not ready’ for work. Instead, try saying to yourself that he’s ‘getting there’ and you’ll feel much better about it.

Don’t just tell him what to do – show him!

It’s important to back up your advice with specific examples. If you never teach your team how to do a particular task (like setting up a meeting), it’s easy for them to become intimidated or get it wrong. It’s also important that you give your newbie a practice run in a job that requires different skills. If you always tell your newbie what to do, he’ll soon feel like an out-of-date tourist who needs a closer look at the cityscape. Make it a practice to give your newbie a quick tour of the office, and then have a quick conversation with him about what he just saw.


You’ve got to keep up with the Joneses, and that means you need to keep learning new skills. And you need to keep trying new things – and, most of all, you need to have fun while doing it. The only way to do this is to get your head on a swivel.

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