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Parents should assume that their child is continuing to use a parent database account with the parents’ consent. If your child doesn’t have access to a parent account, consider creating one for them. An adult who can manage an online space has accountability and responsibility over what content his or her children can access. Children under 13 shouldn’t be able to create an adult account on any site where they can view sexually explicit materials, such as pornography or online games that feature sex.

What is a parent account?

A parent account is a digital signature that lets you manage your child’s digital private space. You can create one for your child, or you can purchase an account for them on a service like Instagram or Facebook. You can also create an account for your child on your work computer, mobile device, or other digital device. If you use a public computer or network, you mustogan the account information and passwords for your child’s safety.

How to access a parent account

To access a parent account, you can either use an account management app like Weebly or Good Times or access the child’s account directly from the parent account page. If you can’t access the parent account through an app, you can use the instructions on the parent account page to log in to the account.

Create your own!

You can create an account for your child on your own account management app. This can be a free service that allows you to create an account for your child, set up email and phone accounts, set up alerts for your child, and more. You can also sign up for a subscription service like Weebly, which costs money per year. You can always cancel the subscription at any time.

Why use a parent account?

You can use a parent account to: Help your child understand what is allowed and prohibited in other digital spaces, e.g. in digital education, where they may not be able to understand fully what personal messages are available on a digital page. Set up your child’s email address for privacy. You can set up a Gmail account for your child, or you can set up an iCloud account for them. If you set up an email account for your child, it won’t be visible to anyone but you, and you won’t be able to track their movements during their lunch break. Set up a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) request form. You can use this form to request a review of an online page, address problems with a page, request removal of inappropriate content, or ask for other forms of removal. You can also use this form to report problems with an online service.

Parents controls in the wild

Parents control the content and management of their child’s digital space. This includes setting up alerts for them, deleting or adjusting pages, and managing the child’s digital photo library. Parents also have the ability to delete their child’s photos, videos, and app data.

Your online space’s parental controls. What do we know so far?

You can set up two different digital parental controls for your online space. One control lets you set up a default password for your digital accounts, which you can change after your child signs up. The other allows you to set up parental controls on a per app or per device basis.


Your online space is where you can share everything from your experiences with friends and family to your career goals and everything in between. Digital services are a great way to start building that online presence. Parents need to use all of the digital controls available to manage their child’s digital private space. Parents can also use parental controls to manage their child’s access to certain digital services. When your child uses a digital service, they should have access to all of the control options available to manage their private space. Parents should also consider creating an account for their child on a service like Instagram or Facebook so they can manage their child’s private space. You can set up a profile image, message history, and a timeline for your child to monitor. You can also create an account for your child on a service like Weebly, which costs money per year. You can cancel the subscription at any time.

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