Maxab B2b Series Rmbvkeneokafortechcrunch

The MaxAB B2B Series rmbvkeneokafortechcrunch is an exciting development in the world of e-commerce and supply chain management. MaxAB is a Cairo-based startup that has been making waves in the region with its innovative approach to connecting small businesses with suppliers. The company has recently secured a $15 million Series A funding round, led by RMBV and KENEOKA, two of the leading investors in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The funding will be used to fuel MaxAB’s growth and expand its operations across the region.

MaxAB was founded in 2018 by Belal El-Megharbel and Mohamed Ben Halim, two former employees of, the e-commerce giant that was acquired by Amazon in 2017. The founders noticed that small businesses in the region were struggling to access reliable suppliers, which was hindering their growth and profitability. MaxAB was created to solve this problem by providing a digital platform that connects small businesses directly with suppliers, cutting out the middlemen and reducing costs.

The MaxAB platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to businesses of all sizes. Customers can place orders online, and MaxAB’s suppliers will deliver the products directly to their door. The platform also offers a range of value-added services, including inventory management, payment processing, and data analytics. This allows small businesses to focus on what they do best – running their operations – while leaving the supply chain management to MaxAB.

The Series A funding round was led by RMBV and KENEOKA, two of the most prominent investors in the MENA region. RMBV is a Saudi-based investment company that has a portfolio of over 20 companies across various industries, including technology, healthcare, and real estate. KENEOKA is a UAE-based investment company that has invested in several startups in the region, including Careem, the ride-hailing service that was acquired by Uber in 2019.

The investment by RMBV and KENEOKA is a significant vote of confidence in MaxAB and its business model. It shows that the company has the potential to become a major player in the e-commerce and supply chain management industry in the MENA region. The funding will allow MaxAB to expand its operations across the region and reach more small businesses that are in need of its services.

One of the key advantages of MaxAB’s platform is its ability to leverage data to optimize its operations. The platform collects data on customer orders, supplier performance, and inventory levels, which allows it to make informed decisions about pricing, logistics, and product selection. This data-driven approach enables MaxAB to offer competitive prices to its customers while maintaining high levels of service quality.

Another advantage of MaxAB’s platform is its focus on customer service. The company has a dedicated team of customer support agents who are available 24/7 to assist customers with their orders and resolve any issues that may arise. This level of customer service is rare in the region and sets MaxAB apart from its competitors.

The Series A funding round is just the beginning for MaxAB. The company has ambitious plans to expand its operations across the region and become the go-to platform for small businesses in need of reliable suppliers. The company is also exploring opportunities to expand into new markets outside of the MENA region.

The MaxAB B2B Series RMBVKENEOKA is a game-changer for small businesses in the MENA region. It provides a much-needed solution to the problem of accessing reliable suppliers, which has been hindering the growth and profitability of many small businesses in the region. The investment by RMBV and KENEOKA is a testament to the potential of MaxAB’s platform and its ability to disrupt the e-commerce and supply chain management

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