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If you love movies with a dark supernatural tone, then you should check out some of the Kasper Movies. These films, featuring the Ghostly Trio, are some of the most unique of their kind, and are well worth seeing. The films have some fantastic effects and great characterisation.

Ghostly Trio

The Ghostly Trio is a group of ghosts in the Whipstaff Manor. They have a large amount of supernatural powers. Their powers include shapeshifting and reality warping. However, they do not care to clean up their afterlife.

These characters are very silly. They also enjoy scaring people. When Kat tries to convince the ghosts to remember her, they taunt her. It’s unclear if they were a father and son.

This group of characters have been around for several years, but they have only recently been given a makeover. The trio are named Stretch, Stinkie, and Fatso. Although they are referred to as uncles in older comics, they are not always called this in the movies.

The Ghostly Trio first appeared in Casper’s Feature Film, 1995. They are also featured in the Casper’s Haunted Christmas(2000).

In Casper’s Feature Film, the Ghostly Trio are introduced as Casper’s uncles. This was a surprise to many fans. While the Ghostly Trio had appeared in previous Casper cartoons, they never addressed themselves as such.

CGI effects

Casper the Friendly Ghost was the first fully digitally created, 3D CGI lead character in a live action movie. This was also the first film to use CGI in such a large number of shots.

The film was produced by Stephen Speilberg and directed by Brad Silberling. It was a family movie. Casper was based on the Harvey Comics character. A friendly ghost, he has a number of comic book and animated appearances in the 1940s.

Using light sensitive markers, the production team attached performers’ faces to the CGI character’s mouth. These markers were used to lip sync the actors. Hundreds of VFX shots were needed to create the character.

There were many other CGI effects, such as debris in the air, missiles, and alien attackers. In the end, the film required over 3,000 visual effects shots.

While there are numerous other films that utilized more advanced CGI technology than Casper, it was a feat to make the character appear on screen for nearly forty minutes. Many films attempted to emulate the same effect, but few succeeded.


Casper is a popular cartoon character that has popped up in several animated movies. Although the original series was lighthearted and funny, the sequels are much darker.

The movie is an adaptation of the famous cartoon series and stars Christina Ricci. Her character Kat Harvey has a crush on Casper. However, Casper’s powers are hidden from her.

The film features a Victorian Gothic setting. It also features a couple of good in-jokes. One is the infamous Casper line. Originally, this was not part of the original script.

Another is the use of white paint. In a previous life, Spunky Skunky was a painter, but now thinks he’s a ghost. He falls into the white paint.

The Ghostly Trio is another example of a spooky-looking group of characters. The trio varies in appearance, but all of them have a mysterious knowledge of the afterlife.

Other notable characters include Wendy and Hot Stuff. Wendy is a witch, while Hot Stuff is a little devil. These two change into different personalities, mainly due to a broken magic wand.


If you’ve ever seen an ad for any of the Kasper Movies, you may be interested in knowing who plays the lead characters. There are three main actors. Joe Nipote plays Casper, a ghost who has a budding romance with a human named Brad Garrett. However, Casper’s family also has troublemaking relatives that are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their home.

One of the other characters is Leo Kasper. He believes that he’s dead, but is still searching for the woman he loved. This man has become a recluse, despite being a concert pianist. When he learns that aliens have erected an observatory in Hessdalen, he panics. Then a former best friend crashes the bachelor party, forcing him to deal with this situation and his own feelings.

Another character is Hjordis, a local sheriff who has a strained relationship with his father. He’s tired of seeing aliens on his property. But when he’s offered a chance to help a young couple, he accepts.

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