Lenstown is a brand of colored contact lenses that offers beauty contact lenses for anyone who want to boost their makeup with changing eye colors temporarily.

If you love multitasking products, you’ll love these prescription colored contacts. Made from the same material as regular contacts, these beauty contact lenses deliver both vision corrections, with a variety color choice to wear! Bring out your individual personality with these prescription-colored contact lenses. Guide yourself from cumbersome glasses that offer you a whole new dimension of makeup to upgrade your look. Not only from the makeup skills through more easily, but anytime you can also customize your eye color as well.

Lenstown is the best place to buy any kinds of contact lenses online. If you had eye’s exam and receive a valid prescription, you figured out exactly what your eyes need for perfect vision. The items vary depending on your job, budget, and type of contact lens you are looking for a prescription colored contacts. Also, you can choose the size of eyes and the color you preferred that fits better to individual skin tone and eye’s color. 

Colored contacts for prescription are available for myopia ranging from -0.50 to -8.00 diopters, covering most nearsighted users. Our colored contacts with prescription are sold in pairs of the same corrective strength. So, if your eyes require different prescriptions, you’ll want to order two different boxes. The bonus there is you have your backup pair and more (it depends on the items). If you don’t need prescription-colored contacts, check out our plano (non-prescription) colored contacts. Lenstown online store has various kinds of items including astigmatism colored contacts, cosplay contacts, etcChoose the prescribed-colored contacts to level up your day to day look by color and graphic diameter and the period of use.

With Lenstown, you will find the right item for you more easily and quickly than anywhere else, and we are shipping it worldwide. 

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