Prevent Termite Infestation in Your Californian Infrastructure – What To Understand? 

Termite infestation is something that has become a nuisance for many house owners. Californian house and commercial building owners experience this issue in their furniture and fixtures as many houses will be located closer to woods or open areas. The best way of taking care of this issue from the root is by hiring the help of professional services. 

The Pest Group is one of the many teams of experienced pest-handling companies in California. They are in business for many years now and have successfully helped hundreds to thousands of house and commercial building owners. You can check their website to learn more about their services. 

Avoiding Termite Infestation 

Termite infestation can be avoided when you understand the actual reason for their invasion of your building. Here are some possible reasons for their presence in your home. 

  • Old Wood 

Wood is rich in cellulose. Termites love feeding on this cellulose because it is the favorite food of the bacteria that resides inside termites. Hence, wooden furniture and fixtures are the first preference of these pests. 

  • Water and Dust

Water is the source for many insects to breed and continue their life. Sources with water and dust particles can make them multiply in more numbers in your home. 

The experts suggest following these tips to avoid termite infestation at your home. 

  • Avoid Accumulation of Everything that Attracts Termites 

Termites prefer breeding in places that offer favorable conditions for their reproduction. The abundant supply of wood and moist soil are the preferred conditions for them, and avoid such accumulations at your home. 

  • Understand their Infestation Signs 

Some initial stages of termite infestations will be noticed with the help of some signs. Noticing such signs is your first step towards fighting termite intrusion on your property. The signs include, 

  1. Pellet-shaped droppings or sawdust piles anywhere near the wooden things 
  2. Hollow sound from wood while rapping 
  3. Some holes here and there in the planks 
  4. Staining or darkening the wooden furniture 
  5. Blistering signs here and there 

When you notice any of these above-mentioned signs in your home, understand that it is time to hire experienced termite control services in your locality. Serious termite infestation requires immediate attention from a professional, and hence hire them as early as possible. 

The buildings or houses that are built nearby open or forest areas are more prone to termite infestation. Hence, keep a closer look at your furniture when in such areas. 

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