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Today, the world’s population is expected to hit 9 billion. As such, there will be more people on Earth than at any time in history. However, in order to cope with this increase in population, we need to work together and tackle the global issues that affect all of us. Wrong again? Well no, not this time. Instead, our efforts will be directed towards becoming one of the six sustainable continents of the world. This means becoming less reliant on fossil fuels and other energy sources and becoming more carbon-neutral or carbon-positive. And yes, you read that right – because carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, we’ll be draining our keneokafortechcrunch Minnesotas from beneath our feet as we go about our everyday lives as though it’s nothing out of the ordinary!

What’s happening in the world right now

Pollution and climate change continue to be a key issues facing our planet. As we’ve already discussed, global climate change is having an impact on our ecosystems and the species that live on them. And this is only likely to increase with the advancing years. Most notably, coastal areas are experiencing higher levels of pollution and disasters. The resulting sea-level rise poses both environmental and human health risks. We can’t know for sure how this will affect our people, but it’s a strong possibility. While we’re at it, we should also remember that deforestation is also increasingly common due to climate change.

What are the solutions we can take?

As we’ve already discussed, there are a number of solutions that can be taken to combat climate change. The first being an increase in our fossil fuel use. As the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere is being emitted due to human activities, it’s increasingly being made available to the biomes that make up our planet. Currently, the most notable increase we can observe is in tropical forests and a few other areas of high greenhouse gas emissions. Given that tropical forests are already the most biologically diverse ecosystem on the planet, more deforestation and more human-induced carbon emissions are going to follow.

What is our plan?

To tackle climate change head-on, it’s first and foremost important for us to produce less energy in the form of fossil fuels. And this includes electricity, heat, and even light. By making less use of these energy sources, we can reduce our carbon footprint and help fight climate change at the same time.

Why is this happening?

As we’ve already discussed, human activities are causing climate change. This is largely due to the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the air and the increase in the amount of water that’s being evaporated from our forests. As forests are the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet, more deforestation and other human activities are likely to occur as forests are cleared and burned. The recent Paris Agreement states that we must aim to reduce our carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2050. If we want to keep up this momentum, it’s critical that we become more carbon-neutral or carbon-positive. The Paris Agreement also calls for a complete transition to a more sustainable way of life by 2100. The following factors are likely to increase in the coming years: Reduced availability of energy resources such as natural resources; Increased demand for water and energy due to growing population; Increase in coastal flooding; Increased risk of catastrophic catastrophic failure due to climate change.


The Earth is full of incredible opportunities – and as it enters its 9th decade, it’s time to take advantage of them. We should not lose heart in the face of these challenges however; we can and must fight back. We have the potential to be the most healsbile-inducing, bile-producing, and most appetizingly carbon-ifying species on earth. This is why we must take advantage of these opportunities now, and make the most of the spare time we have.

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