Understanding The Car Settlement Process in New Jersey

Whenever a person gets into a car accident, the first thought they have is typically to file a lawsuit against the party that caused the accident. Now, the thing about lawsuits is that it hardly happens that a lawsuit that was filed goes to trial. To put it simply, when the parties hire an injury lawyer, they try to settle the matter outside of court. Because who honestly wants a trial? So, if you have a lawsuit against you and would like to get help from a lawyer in New Jersey, click here.

Informing the police:

A car accident calls for any one of the involved parties to call the police to inform them of the accident. These police reports can later be used by the parties if a car accident claim or lawsuit is filed. In terms of what this report constitutes, it generally includes:

  • Details about the parties involved
  • Place where the accident took place
  • Injuries and damages suffered by the accident
  • Time and date of the accident
  • Factors that led to the accident

The police report may also include many other things. If you believe a detail is incorrect in the report, get in touch with the police department to learn more about the procedure to contest.

No fault state:

Remember that New Jersey is a “no-fault state,” so the liability of the accident depends on that. If we go by the term no-fault, it typically implies that no one was at fault for the accident. But how does that work? In these cases, no matter who is liable for the accident, they can still get compensation for the accident. There are, however, policy limits that one needs to take note of. To learn more about these policies, you can get in touch with the insurance company. 

Final thoughts:

Do remember that whenever a lawsuit is settled, it typically means that they did not have to face trial. This does not mean that you cannot settle, once the case goes to trial, you will still be able to settle. The settlement money will take care of all the expenses you had to or will have to pay in the future for the injuries and damages. If you have more questions about your New Jersey accident, an injury lawyer for a car accident can help you understand everything you need to know.

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