Valley Animal Services Center Has Been At Full Capacity Since 2015

The Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center in Lyndhurst, Virginia serves potential pet owners in Augusta, Staunton, and Waynesboro County. Unfortunately, with more dogs and cats incoming into the shelter every week, four dogs faced a life that ended too short by being euthanized earlier this month.

Since a few of these dogs have been known to bite individuals and cause a safety hazard at the shelter, the shelter and the Augusta County Board of Supervisors decided it was best to euthanize them. They did so not only for the safety of the shelter employees and volunteers but also for the pet owners that would have adopted them if they were still alive. However, residents attending recent board meetings are emotionally distraught that euthanization is occurring at the shelter.

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A High Save Rate Despite Being At Full Capacity

Tim Fitzgerald is the county administrator. He reported that the Shenandoah Valley Animals Services Center has been at full capacity since 2015. Despite this issue, the shelter has continued to maintain a saving animal rate of 97% between 2017 to 2022.

An Unfortunate Story

Jessica Evans owned a dog named Annabelle who escaped from her home at the beginning of March. Owners of a local chicken coop had charged Evans for Annabelle invading it even though she did not hurt any of the livestock. However, Evans only receives a paycheck once a month, so she did not have the necessary funds to pay this fine. Hence, she had to give Annabelle to the local shelter instead of not being able to pay the fine. sportsman biography Know More About Favorite Athlete. chicks info Recent Viral Information Here

Unfortunately, Annabelle was one of the four dogs euthanized this month. Personnel at the shelter did not inform Jessica of this when she had to give Annabelle back to the shelter. Evans did express wanting to adopt Annabelle again when she had the necessary funds, but alas, it was not to be.

A Call for Change

At the meeting, spokespeople iterated that many changes should be made at the shelter to enhance a better operating system for the animals living at the facility. Speakers mentioned the need for increased high-quality training amongst staff and volunteers. The main immunizations that the dogs need before adoption should be regularly updated to be sure nothing was missed.

The biographies of each dog and other pets at the shelter should be updated regularly. Dog trainers that were once visiting the shelter to get the canines trained adequately before adoption have not been by lately. Hence, the animal services center should encourage them to visit again to continue their training.

Making these changes are all essential for more animals to get adopted to reduce the shelter’s capacity to welcome more furry friends in need. The way that Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center is operating now will lead to more euthanizations than needed.

What Adoptable Animals Are There At the Shelter?

Besides dogs and cats, many other adoptable animals have been the reason behind the shelter’s full capacity for the past seven years. Small rodents, guinea pigs, birds, exotic animals, rabbits, and ferrets are also up for adoption at the Shenandoah Valley Animal Services Center.

For interested individuals, you can also foster animals who need extra care and treatment. Fostering reduces the capacity of the shelter to allow for new animals in need to be admitted. You would look after the animal until a family is interested in adopting it.

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