What are the Steps to Take If Someone Hits Your Parked Car?

Seeing your parked car damaged while nobody is around you might be the worst feeling ever! If your parked car got hit by someone, you might be thinking if you can claim compensation since you do not have any information about the accident. As per The Walthew Law Firm, this article is a complete guide to what to do next if someone hits your parked car. Let’s dive in! 

Can I Claim If Someone Hits My Parked Car?

First and foremost, calm yourself. Yes, you can file a claim if someone hits your parked car. However, you will have strong evidence to prove the car damage and the collision. You must collect proofs like videos and pictures of the accident scene, your car and other details. Consider hiring a lawyer who can help you get fair compensation. 

Step To Take After Your Parked Car Hit

1. Call the Police 

The first step would be calling the police and creating an official police report to file your case. The police officers will closely analyze the situation and may ask you about your personal information like contact details, name and more. 

2. Document the Accident 

Documenting the accident is vital to remember every detail. Ensure you click several pictures and take videos of the damaged car and other surroundings so that no detail goes unnoticed. 

3. Check If There is Any Note 

In some cases, the person who damaged the car is someone who already knows. Thus, they might leave you a note out of aggression or guilt. This note may also contain their name and contact number, making contacting them easier.   

4. Check the Security Footage 

Most parking areas have CCTV; thus, it becomes easier to identify the culprit by checking the security footage. You can go through the footage and check what actually happened with your car. This makes it easier to identify the person and find them. 

5. Hire a Lawyer  

Hiring a lawyer is a great decision if your parked car has met with an accident. A lawyer understands all complexities and tries to seek maximum compensation on your behalf. 

Wrapping Up!

Knowing that your parked car has met with an accident is not a delightful experience. You can claim compensation with the help of professional lawyers. 

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